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Be Incredibly Kind by transcady
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Dorm Room Dolly
You were so excited for college! Finally, out of your parents' house, away from their influence, away from your crappy high school where you endlessly tormented by guys that were bigger, stronger, faster than you. Now, you could finally come into your own, maybe find a girlfriend and get laid, something that seemed off limits back in high school. You had lots of girl friends, but they were never interested in you. You were too much a nice guy, too friendly, honest, weak. But now, you could be your own man.

The first thing you had to do when you got to campus was get your dorm assignment. Unfortunately, the guy handing them out was a football player. He looked you over and smiled. You didn't like that. Weirdo. But, he just handed you your room assignment and welcomed you to school, then moved on to the next person.

It was the end of your first day, and you finally got all of your stuff moved into your dorm, when your new roommate arrived. It was the football player from earlier! He grinned when he saw your face. "Hey, baby. We're gonna have a lot of fun this semester."

You tried to escape. You really did. But, you weren't a fighter. He overpowered you like a girl from the beginning. You broke quickly after he and his buddies showed you what happens to real girls at college. By the end of your first semester, you were already a perfectly sexy, girly fucktoy for your roomie and all of his buddies. You never did get to go to any classes. After all, what's a girl like you need with school?
Be Incredibly Kind
You were bullied in school relentlessly for being so slight. No matter how much you lifted weights or worked out, your body just would not bulk up and the bigger guys constantly made fun of you for it. You wanted to play football or basketball or literally ANYTHING to show you were just as good as them, but you just couldn't. You took one big hit in football practice and could barely get out of bed the next day you were so bruised. You didn't tell your parents about the splitting headache, fearing they would make you go to the hospital for a concussion. You just grinned and bore it, until you got to school and all the jocks starting slapping you on the back and commending you for taking such a big hit. With every back slap you cringed. Every one hurt more than the last until you sagged to your knees in the hallway before your next class.

Tanner, the huge, star linebacker, found you on the verge of tears, barely able to move your body hurt so much. He laughed as he came up behind you. "For a second, we thought you might have been tougher than you looked. You shook off that hit I gave you yesterday pretty well. But, here you are now, crying like a girl. Football isn't for you fag. Go hang with the girls where you belong."

He picked you up and flung you over his shoulder to carry you down to this buddies on the football team. They spent what seemed like hours just ridiculing you until you actually did start to cry. Then they ridiculed you more. "Wow, he really is a girl!" They laughed.

They took you to the cheerleaders after school, dragging your little body. "Ask them nicely sissy."

"No! Fuck you!"

Tanner dug his fist right into one of your bruises so hard tears came again and you cried out. "Please make me a pretty girl!"

Everyone laughed. You'd never been so humiliated.

"Of course, sweetie! We'd love to!"

They made you over. Big hair. Lots of makeup. Long nails. And a cute little cheerleader outfit just for you! When they were done, you looked like you belonged on the team, except for the ugly frown you wore.

"Smile, sissy! This is what you asked for."

You wouldn't smile. One of the girls squeezed you balls until you could hardly breathe. "Tanner told you to smile, honey."

You smiled, big and bright like the other girls, while the jocks took pictures of all of you. "That looks about right, sissy," Tanner said. "Much better place for a weak little thing like you than on the football team, isn't it?"

"Fuck you, Tanner."

One of the cheerleaders slapped you hard across the face. "Don't worry, Tanner, we'll take care of her. Time for you to learn some manners, sissy!"

It didn't take them long to break you. You were weak to begin with and beat up from football. If you ever tried to disobey the cheerleaders, they used your pain against you. You soon picked up the manners they were trying to teach you for fear of more pain. Soon, you were walking, talking and thinking like a dumb teenage girl. You felt like shit, but you did it. The girls would never look at you the same again. Somewhere, your mind told you your high school social life was over.

You didn't realize the girls had filmed the whole thing until you got home. You thought of ways you could pass off the way you looked to your parents. Some sort of prank or something. But, when you got home, you saw that your mom had been crying and your dad looked very stern. When they saw you, your mom started crying again.

"Oh my God, it's true!"

You just stood there looking horrified until you saw the TV on behind them. It was paused on a picture of your made up face, smiling like you've never smiled before.

"Mom, no! I can explain!"

"I wish you had just told us earlier," your dad said. "You would have saved your mother and I a great deal of pain. To know that we were repressing you this whole time. I don't think we could feel worse."

"Wait, what?"

"Come here, honey." Your mom ran to you and embraced you. "I'm so sorry you couldn't be yourself all these years. I knew you were small but well...oh I'm so sorry."

You just stood there staring into space. Oh God. This was worse than you thought. They thought you WANTED to be a girl. That this whole time you were just pretending to be a boy for their sakes. No, no, no. This couldn't be happening. If you told them now that it was all a lie, would you break their hearts again? Would they even believe you?

The next day you showed up to school in some of your sister's old clothes and your hair and makeup done up. Your mom insisted you look perfect for your first day Of course, at school you were taunted mercilessly.

"I told you," said Tanner in the hallway. "You were meant to be a girl. Got a name girl?"

You sighed. "Annabelle," you just managed to squeak out, not looking at him.

He slapped you on the ass as he left, he and his friends chuckling. "I look forward to seeing you around, Annabelle."

The longer it went on, the easier it got. It just became your new routine to wake up a few hours before school to make sure you had your hair and makeup and outfit perfect before school. The teasing became less and less as you settled into your new role. You lost all of your guy friends but you gained a lot of new girl friends that helped to teach you more about being a teenage girl. Soon, you had no more time for football or silly things like that. Your new friends took up most of your time at the mall or the movies or having slumber parties, all fulling encouraged by your mother. She was so happy, and seeing the smile on her face couldn't break her heart like that.

You started your senior year with a new motto, one which you wore plastered all over your new shirt. Your arrival at school on the first day was met with whistles and cat calls. You smiled. It was the kind thing to do. Looking like you did, the football team made sure to hold you to your new motto, making sure you knew how UNKIND it was to deny them blowjobs before and after every game.
Stuck in Tokyo...Forever and Ever
There were a lot of people at the business expo and Yumi bounced up to all of them. Her Owner's business was the one most of the people wanted to see, and Yumi took lots of pictures with all of the yummy, powerful businessmen. Of course, none of them were as powerful and yummy as her Owner, Onagi-san, but they were all better than her. She was just a silly little girl, a plaything who could never hope to be as good as the men around her, or even the women. She was not to be taken seriously, just laughed at and ogled and groped. Every time a man groped her, she giggled and thanked him.

"Ugh, it's disgusting the way they treat women over here," said Terrence's former secretary, here with her new boss to negotiate business deals.

"Yes, well, we won't have to deal with that. We're powerful American women and they afford us some respect."

"Ma'am, look at that," Terrence's secretary said, pointing to Yumi as she rubbed her titties all over some powerful businessman who laughed and groped her.

"Yes well, that might be a company we should do business with. Look how popular they are. Everyone here is flocking to them."

"That's because of the giggling little bimbo out front, Ma'am."

"Even so...let's go introduce ourselves."

Yumi didn't even recognize the women approaching Onagi-san's display. She was too busy giggly and bouncing and admiring the powerful people, even the two powerful American women. They were dressed so nice, like business people. Like people who deserved respect. Not a little toy like her. For a moment, she wondered what it would be like to be so important and powerful, but then a man groped her plump butt and she turned and giggled and thanked him and forgot all her thoughts. Thoughts weren't for girls like her. She was just a pretty doll.
Stuck in Tokyo 4
How humilating it had been going to the American embassy. It was the worst idea ever, and that was saying something, sice coming to Tokyo and taking this job was a terrible decision.

Terrence/Gina/Yumi had raced to the embassy first thing in the morning with all of her papers, instead of going to work. She didn't even realize how much time she had spent putting on her makeup, doing her hair and getting dressed in the cutest outfit before she left. It had been part of her daily routine for so long that she just did it now without thinking. She also didn't realize that she begged the guards to let her in entirely in Japanese. But, they took pity on the cute girl in front of them, even if she hadn't looked very Japanese, and let her into the embassy.

The American man who met her was so large and handsome. She blushed just being in his presence and couldn't bring herself to look him in the eye. She was just a silly little girl after all and he was a big, strong American man. What was wrong with her?

She managed to tell the man her whole story, about coming to Japan for a job and getting stuck here and slowly turning into a Japanese girl. She even showed him her papers, the ones that said her name was Yumi and that she was born in Japan. The man smiled, nodded, acted really friendly, then said he would see what he could do for her. She was so happy she jumped up and down and giggled. I need to get out of here!

They took good care of her for hours, until a representative of the company showed up to pick her up. She stomped her foot and crossed her arms. "No! I'm not going with you! I want to go home!"

"We are taking you home, Yumi." The company man turned to the big American man and bowed. "I apologize. Yumi has been problematic from the begining. We will take good care of her and she will not bother you again."

When Yumi was shoved roughly into the company SUV, she felt a sharp sting on her butt and then everything went black.

When she woke up, she found herself staring at an unfamiliar Japanese girl. It took her a moment to realize it was a mirror, and she was looking at her own face. She squeaked and tried to deny it, but it was most definitely her. What had they done to her?

"Ah, Yumi. You are awake. Onagi-san wishes to speak with you as soon as you are able." It was the young man that worked for Onagi-san. "Sukiyama will help you get ready."

The other girl entered and got the dazed Yumi ready to see Onagi-san, her boss. Yumi only stared at herself in the mirror as she became more and more overly feminine, dressed all ink pink to match her pink hair and pink phone and pink shoes. She looked like  strawberry milkshake, she thought, but she just sat and let Sukiyama do her work. She was too stunned to move or protest, even when Sukiyama led her down the hall to Onagi-san's office, passing many handsome men on the way.

"Oh, so beautiful," Onagi-san said when Yumi entered his office. "You are perfect."

Yumi giggled and bowed, completely submissve in the presence of such a powerful man.

"Yumi, I feel terrible about what has happened, but I will make it up to you. You have been entrusted to the care of the company. Legally, I am your guardian and I am to make all decisions for you. Do you understand?"

Yumi didn't understand, but she giggled and nodded. I'm...stuck. She wanted to cry, but she funneled all of her emotions into being bubbly and happy for her powerful and handsome boss. If she was patient, she could still get out of this. She had to believe that or she would lose her mind completely.

"Good. Very good. You are such a good girl, Yumi."

She giggled and blushed.

"The company needs a new face to show the world. Someone that will draw attention to us, and you are that person. You should feel proud, Yumi. Of all the girls in Japan, I chose you."

She bowed and giggled. "Thank you Onagi-san!"

He smiled. "No, thank you. I've looked a long time for the perfect mascot. But I have a very specific look in mind..."


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